Priority Topics

Priority Topics

From our collection of recent, high-quality resources on public health insurance options, we have identified resources on a few priority topics to help policymakers understand public option proposals. These priority topics are:

The Basics:
Want to better understand the basics of how a public option might be structured and designed? These resources give an overview of the range of options available to policymakers and the impacts they may have.

Quantitative Resources:
Curious about how a public option might impact the uninsured rate, health care spending, and premiums? Check out our quantitative resources, which feature the latest data and analysis of public option proposals.

Employer Public Options:

Want to better understand the benefits, trade-offs, and design considerations of offering a public option to employers? These resources include discussions of federal- and state-level proposals for an employer public option.

Federal Action:
Want to learn about federal public option legislation and related activity?  Our federal resources feature side-by-side comparisons and analyses of recent bills and other resources related to activity on the Hill and in the Executive Branch. 

State Action:
Want to understand how state public option proposals can better inform federal efforts? Our state resources can help you get your head around state efforts to develop and implement public option legislation and related proposals.

Public Option and the ACA:
Federal legislation to implement a public option is not new. Congress considered bills that would have created a federal public option plan during the debate over the Affordable Care Act in 2009. Read about these efforts in the resources below.

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